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Use K9 as the ultimate anti-virus tool for your system and utilities. Download K9 today and see how it scans all email before it arrives into your mailbox. K9 is an intelligent puppy to boot and will begin to realise what is spam, and what isn’t. This is the perfect application for those of us who are paranoid about getting viruses (and who isn’t). The time is now to protect your pc from the vicious attack dogs, by protecting it with K9, your first defence against viruses and spam.

K9 - Info

K9 works in conjunction with your incoming POP3 server and scans your email as it comes in. It decides wether it is spam or not before your mail arrives in your inbox!

As time progresses K9 learns from its mistakes and get's better at filtering what you consider as spam.

Great program, and it's for free! But it ONLY works with POP3 email.


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Operating System(s): 98/ME/2000/XP/NT

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