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Free MSN Messenger 7 beta build 0425 Download


One of the greatest internet communication tools for your personal network, MSN Messenger 7 beta build is now available for download. This fantastic chat application has been used for countless years and is now in a brilliant beta form, which has many features which are as yet unproven. Get MSN Messenger 7 beta build today, if you do not already have it and upgrade the existing version that you most likely have on your pc. MSN Messenger 7 beta build is a must have application, with many new features.

MSN Messenger 7 beta build 0425 - Info

This is just a beta release of the new MSN Messenger.

Some of its features are:

Winks: Winks allow you to send kisses, hearts and all sorts of silly cartoons to your contacts.

Nudge: Nudge allows you to send a "shake" to your contact. Both your own and your contacts MSN Messenger window will shake, much like how Internet Explorer windows shake using the correct javascript.

Download packs: Download packs will allow users to grab winks/emoticons/display pictures and backgrounds straight from MSN. As these currently don't work we were unable to test them.

Games: Chess Club, Bankshot Billiards Club are included if you're a Instant Games Clubhouse member. Standard Checkers/Solitaire Showdown/Bejeweled/Minesweeper Flags and Tic Tac Toe are still included.

Activities: Activities allow you to share files, calendars, photos and perform tasks such as remote assistance.

Deluxe Display Pictures: Although these are unavailable it seems like MSN are going to supply animated display pictures.


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