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Rolesoft Messenger is the perfect tool for interoffice communication. Instead of relaying on email for communication, why not invest in Rolesoft Messenger for its group based chat and MSN like interface. Your companies chat profile can be up and running in not time at all and easily controlled from your side as the admin controller. Use Rolesoft Messenger to not only keep in touch with your employees but to manage their input as well.

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Rolesoft Messenger Server--an instant messaging platform that means business.
Role Instant Server is a powerful and flexible enterprise instant messaging & presence solution with benefits for everyone in an organization.

Rolesoft Messenger--an instant messaging client software.

As the world has grown more dependent on the Internet, companies require more than just a web site to efficiently reach their audience, enhance client relationships and promote customer loyalty. The ability to interact and communicate with customers, employees, partners, suppliers and others via message, quickly and easily, is now vital for a company success.Rolesoft professional solutions are a must for any company or organization with an Internet presence and a communication need.


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