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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Able2Doc1.0 is a great little program that allows you to view and convert PDF files into MS Word format. While this isn’t very groundbreaking, it does come in handy since Word documents are significantly easier to work with for the average user. Able2Doc1.0 gives you multiple options for converting files, ensuring the application meets a whole host of requirements. The user interface, although not very aesthetically pleasing, is simple to navigate making the program an all round pleasure to use and the perfect way to convert PDF files to MS Word format.

Able2Doc 1.0 - Info

Able2Doc 1.0 (A2D) enables users to view and convert data from PDF format into Word documents. Users can select data from a PDF document and choose to convert the selection into Word using a complex or simple Word conversion.

The complex conversion retains the background graphics and the look and feel of the PDF document. The simple conversion converts only the text, and the output is in a standard formatted Word document.


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