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Windows Media Player 10 is finally here and yes, it is a big improvement over version 9. Anyone familiar with older versions of Microsoft’s player will feel right at home with this version, but there are a few much needed improvements. The application now has a new, much improved upon interface which makes organizing and playing media files a much more intuitive process than in the past. Furthermore, Windows Media Player 10 comes with a new online shopping function and is now able to sync music to portable devices. It is clear that with this version Microsoft whishes to close the gap on competing Media Players, which is certainly not a bad thing. In fact, it’s long overdue. Still, now that it’s here, Windows Media Player 10 is a definite improvement over its predecessors and is likely to be the Media playing utility of choice for many users once more.

Windows Media Player - Info

Windows Media Player 10 gives you more music and more choices, and for the first time makes it possible to sync high-quality music, video, and photos to the latest portable devices.

Whats New

New Streamlined Design
A whole new look giving you quicker and easier access to your favorite digital media.

Choice of Online Stores
A world of music at your fingertips. With Windows Media Player 10, you are just a click away from the world's largest

Choice of Devices
Sync your music collection to over 70 different portable music devices.

Smart Jukebox Features
Remove the hassle of organizing even the largest digital media collections.


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