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Noxx is a unique peer-to-peer application in that it not only allows for file sharing but also for email and instant messaging between users. While this remains an interesting concept, it is yet to gain the popularity which it requires to become a top class utility. All the ingredients are there, from comprehensive file sharing and peer-to-peer communication functionality, to solid performance and reliability and user friendly interface, Noxx is only lacking in a powerful user base to carry it forward. Perhaps this will change with time, and since the program certainly has the potential to become a well established P2P application there is no reason for it not to succeed. All that is now required is for more and more people to use Noxx and spread the word and increase its popularity. So, while it may not be the top P2P client available at present, the download is still highly recommended, and with any luck, this could be the next big thing in peer-to-peer file sharing and communication.

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Totally private and secure IM, email and file sharing all in one P2P application. Connect to anyone, anywhere and communicate securely in less than 90 seconds. All it takes is to download it, start it, connect to the noxx server run by your best friend (or you start one), and then talk to any other noxx person in complete privacy.

If they don´t have noxx, tell them to get it, and in less than 90 seconds you´re sharing secured information and private conversations. There is no "security expert" stuff required - no key rings, or pass phrases or certificate authorities! Trust the noxx server owner (you or your friend or your friend´s friend) and just use it; and every single transmission is 128-bit AES encrypted. Every IM, email and file is completely secured. Create any noxx-to-noxx interconnections and build completely private networks on-the-fly.


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