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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Many chat applications [I'm looking at you yahoo] prefer form over function. BitWise Chat eschews this theory with a lean, mean chatting machine. BitWise Chat is cross platform and will work on any operating system under the sun allowing true user flexibility. All the functions of the best IM's are included but it can all be scaled back to suit almost any systems specifications. There are no ads, your information is kept completely private and all your messages and files are automatically encrypted. BitWise Chat could very possible be the last work in instant messaging

BitWise Chat - Info

Send instant messages quickly and easily around the block or around the world with BitWise. No ads, no spam, no clutter, no excessive eye candy, but loaded with features: reliability, stability, file sharing, tabbed interface, automatic encryption, whiteboards, logging, invisibility, offline messaging, skinning and more. BitWise is the first cross-platform, interoperable and secure IM service that offers the same features and interface on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

If you want to keep a private IM name, BitWise is the answer. With no public user list and no advertisers, you are in control of your privacy. We don´t give or sell any user information to anyone because your privacy is your privacy, not ours. You can whitelist yourself (only users on your contact list can contact you) for the ultimate in privacy. Lastly, all of your messages and file transfers are encrypted, keeping Internet snoops out of your affairs.

BitWise is easy to install and easy to use. With an easy install and clean interface, you´ll wonder why you wasted your time with the others. BitWise is a complete service in one file. Further, BitWise is a totally new network, so there are no connectivity problems like those that plague other popular IM programs.

BitWise also offers free technical support, online documentation, a large FAQ, and detailed technical white papers to ensure that you get the most out of BitWise.


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