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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Death Illustrated uses the Quake II engine (10 years old now) to suck you into its virtual world of death and destruction. The graphics attempt to place you in a comic book world, but its all in black and white (except for the more then occasional blood splatter). So while stylish for a while, in the end your eyes will water and swell with disappointment as the bland graphics drive you into madness and beyond.
But it's not all bad. Death Illustrated moves at a fair pace, and the weapons are imaginative. I wasn't able to play this multiplayer, which is sad as the lasting appeal of any 3D shooter is its multiplayer addictiveness. As a single player game, Death Illustrated provides amusement for only the shortest period of time.

Death Illustrated - Info

Death Illustrated is designed to give you the sensation of deathmatching inside of a three dimensional comic book. D.I. is Freeware. It's designed almost completly in glorified black & white, or grayscale as some would prefer to call it.

If you have ever played Quake, Doom or Soldier of Fortune you will love this game. All the action, blood, gore and monsters that you'd expect from your average commercial first person shooter, except this is completely free!


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