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Laxuis Power 2, as the name not so subtly suggests, is simply the direct sequel to Laxuis Power, the traditional, console-style RPG. The story picks up where the last game left off and there appear to be no real advancements as far as gameplay goes. Laxuis Power 2 does feature a graphics update and advances the story nicely by introducing some new characters and plot twists. Being a direct sequel, anyone who enjoyed the first game will find equal delight in Laxuis Power 2. If you aren’t one of these people however, then best give this one a miss, or at least try out the original first.

Laxius Power 2 - Info

This RPG released in December 2002 features the 2nd part of the saga "Laxius Power".
Following exactly the latest events which occured in Laxius Power I, Laxius Power II features all characters from the prequel plus a brand new cast of characters.
Discover dungeons, fight monsters and experience exciting adventures as all 4 heroes of the saga separately meet their own destinies.
Features :
20-30 hours of gameplay
Better graphics and sounds than the original
Savefiles from Laxius Power I can be used in Laxius Power II
Rate : 16 years old players and older


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