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Ever wondered why you have to use anti spyware tools to regularly scan, detect and clean up your computer? The fact is that spyware tools don’t always stop your PC from becoming infected, firewalls can’t block virus infiltration, and anti-virus software is always one step behind the latest threats; leaving PCs open to new, previously unseen attacks.

Prevx Home provides a critical last line of defense; protecting your computer against sophisticated, new attacks – attacks that all other security measures fail to stop.

Prevx Home is powerful Host Intrusion Prevention Software – new generation security technology. By using Prevx Home you will be protected against malicious intrusions capable of crashing your system, stealing confidential information, tracking your browsing behavior or hijacking your PC and slowing down your Internet connection.

Prevx Home works by protecting the areas of your computer most likely to be targeted during an attack – including your PC’s memory, file system, operating system, registry and programs. Potentially harmful behavior is blocked and you are notified via a pop-up alert asking if you want to allow or deny the activity. If you are uncertain what to do, you can ‘Get Advice’ by accessing our online database of alerts. Here you will be able to view the percentage of fellow users who’ve previously allowed or denied the security event you are experiencing.

Prevx Home stops spyware attacks that change the IE default Home Page and install malicious browser helper objects or toolbars. It also stops the installation and execution of in-memory/buffer overflow attacks; tactics commonly used by Internet worms and for hack attacks.

Intrusion Prevention technology of this type and strength has only previously been available to major enterprises. Prevx is the first and only organization to provide it – free of charge – to the consumer.


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