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Free Easy Media Cover 1.1.5 Download


Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Easy Media Coveris the ideal application for anyone who regularly makes homemade CDs and DVDs. The tool provides a simple way of designing and printing high quality labels and covers for your media collection, so you no longer have to resort to labeling your discs with a permanent marker. Creating professional looking covers is very straightforward, and for those with a creative streak there really are a great number of additional design options for you to play around with. Easy Media Cover also allows you to select between printing directly to your discs and creating stick-on labels which can be manually applied. Not only is this application fun and easy to use, but it proves to be a very useful utility when it comes to labeling homemade media, and as such comes highly recommended.

Easy Media Cover 1.1.5 - Info

Print any type of DVD, CD or VHS cover in seconds from normal DVD covers to 3/4/6/8/10 way DVD covers . print directly to Printable CD'sDVDs or to Labels .

Print DVDDVD Console manuals. and with its own custom mode you can create your own custom labels for any type of covers. Inspect and Adjust any cover before printing including (Brightness,Colour,Contrast & RGB).

With its easy to use controls and Perfect Print quality (full adjustable) Makes Easy Media Cover the Smart Choice for anyone wanting the Best out of there Printers.


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