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4WomenOnly is a tool aimed solely at female PC users who wish to keep track of their critical days. The application is essentially a calendar that displays critical days as they come up. It can be minimized to run in the system tray, meaning it doesn’t get in the way of normal PC operation. While 4WomenOnly will come in handy for female users, some further functionality as far as organizer, reminder and calendar options would have gone a long way to boost the applications appeal. Aside from these limitations, there aren’t any glaring flaws with 4WomenOnly1.1, and if you fall into the targeted user category then you should definitely consider the download.

4WomenOnly - Info

The program - calendar, which shows female critical days by pink color.
There is a calendar for a month and half-year, with a possibility of looking over.

For setting-up it is possible to use Wizard. During working hide in quick launch bar. In the critical period quick launch icon is reflected by pink color.

According to you opinion the start of the program is made together with Windows.


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