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RealArcade can be seen as the precursor for the Xbox Live Arcade. One central Graphical interface for downloading demo's and full titles. Credits can be added to the RealArcade Interface (online or through the player) and then the full products can be purchased. Favourite titles like Bejeweled, Zuma and Rollercoaster tycoon are all fully accessible through RealArcade. It can even be used as a (clunky) MP3 player.

RealArcade is the perfect download for the user who wants to sample his games before he downloads them, as only the best arcade games are included in the RealArcade lineup.

RealArcade - Info

Please note this is the installer, the full size is 5.4

Choose from amazing games in every category
Puzzling puzzler games, awesome action games and much more.

Loads of features to get you into the action
Download/installation management, user manuals, tips, tricks and more for all games

Amazing quality and 100% safe
Ever wonder what you're downloading? Not with RealArcade. All games are thoroughly tested and 100% secure.


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