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Digital Guitar Tuner is an excellent resource for anyone looking for a quick, hassle free way to tune their guitar. The program allows you to tune a guitar either via direct feed, microphone or audio playback, meaning that any user, with any type of guitar will be able to find some use for this utility. The appeal of Digital Guitar Tuner is furthered enhanced by the straightforward layout of the menu, making navigation a breeze. To use the direct feed function, you must have an electric guitar with an output port, otherwise you will have to use the microphone support to record and correctly tune your guitar, failing witch the midi audio playback gives a good idea of exactly how each note should sound. All in all, Digital Guitar Tuner is the definitive guitar tuning application and deserves a place in any guitaristÂ’s software collection.

Digital Guitar Tuner - Info

Digital Guitar Tuner allows you to tune your guitar via direct input, microphone, or reference MIDI tones.

One bonus of being able to tune via the microphone is that you can still tune guitars without electrical audio outputs.

Digital Guitar Tuner has a few different types of tuning to choose from.


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