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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Most of the time, when I find an image on web site I want to save, I would right click and save it to my desktop. But applications like HTML Guard prevent a person like me from doing that. HTML Guard disables all right click functions such as text copy and save picture as, even going as far as to encode the page HTML. There are ways around even this but it cause major frustration for the potential content thief and will put off 90% of such users. HTML Guard works well and keeps your media safe.

HTML Guard - Info

If you want to prevent unauthorized copying of parts of your Internet sites you should have a look at HTML Guard. Among other features this software lets you encode your HTML source code and disable the right mouse button, text selection and the print function within a browser. In particular, the combination of several tricks causes a protection that, while not absolutely secure, adds a level of difficulty to circumvention.

Version 2.31 fixes miscellaneous problems with the anti caching script, improves FTP function's compatibility, and features other improvements and minor corrections.


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