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Free 32bit FTP Download


Review by FileBEAST's DrNorris

32bit FTP has a great interface and offers a simple FTP application that everyone can use. If you need to transfer large files and you need to do it fast, 32bit FTP is the program to use. I had no issues connecting to a test server and uploading/downloading small and large files was a breeze. 32bit FTP comes highly recommended.

32bit FTP - Info

* Install 32bit FTP on your computer and it will use your Internet connection to upload and downloading files, in the background, as you work on other projects.

* Start your office toward an edge in productivity. Become one of the well equipped workplaces of the future. Do it today!

* With 32bit FTP, you will also get the We do ASCII Conversion option. Some FTP sites transfer ASCII files slower than they do binary files. If you use this option on these FTP sites, 32bit FTP will receive the ASCII file in binary mode and convert it to ASCII. This will allow you to receive ASCII files, from these FTP sites, up to 20 times faster.

Also, if someone uploads an ASCII file (such as a txt or an html file) in binary mode to an FTP site and then you download it in ASCII mode, the file will be damaged. When downloading this damaged file, if this option is checked, 32bit FTP will detect this and repair the file.


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