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Programming | Development » Editors | 1 2 3 | 26 Feb 2010 | Shareware | 14 MB | Created by Maguma

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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Maguma Workbench is one of those applications that hits all the right notes, and anyone with a vague interest in programming and web development will certainly be interested in this tool. The first thing that strikes you about Magum Workbench is the slick, well designed user interface which makes navigating the menu and going about general operations a simple, intuitive task. The features on offer are far too numerous to list, suffice to say that there is no development task too advanced for Magum Workbench. Another striking aspect is the extent to which users can customize the application to suit their individual tastes and requirements, which makes for incredible efficiency when tackling complex tasks. It is not hard to see where Magum Workbench gets its reputation and anyone prepared to pay for the full version will certainly not regret it.

Maguma Workbench - Info

* If you don't find a feature you need, you can create it yourself and add it.
* Maguma Workbench was designed so that you can set it up the way you want it, giving you a development environment for PHP or Python optimized for you.
* Windows in Workbench can be adjusted in numerous ways to better adapt to your needs and preferences.

* Integration of common applications like CVS and SFTP browsers reduce the need for external programs and therefore will not consume precious system resources.
* Features like built-in debugging and a Regular Expression helper provide quick ways to accomplish necessary tasks all while in the Workbench environment.

* A built-in Project Manager helps maintain groups of both local and remote files organized in virtual folders.
* Integrated CVS helps users keep files from being accidentally overwritten through versioning, CVS tracks changes to each file and is able to merge changes together from different developers into one core repository.

* Integrated CVS helps teams to coordinate through the versioning of shared files.
* Teams can share and maintain files together using the project manager and integrated FTP tools.

* Maguma Workbench was built to provide users a tool that is transparent in the process of building web applications, allowing users more time building and less time preparing.
* Maguma’s PHP IDE, Maguma Workbench, was built with a concept coined \"Have fun programming\", this concept is based on the engineering of the product based on a large amount of user feedback on areas such as UI, window handling and other user interactional tasks. By continually enhancing the experience of the product, Maguma Workbench is and will continue to be "FUN" to use.


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