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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

FineBrowser has many cool functions that will make your web browsing simpler and easier. You can block pop-ups, unwanted ads, streamline your search process and open mini-previews of websites before loading them. Websites are also rated in terms of safety and security so you can be doubly sure that your chosen website won't pound you with Spyware. FineBrowser will streamline your browsing process.

FineBrowser - Info

FineBrowser is a multi-window browser and tool to improve your web browsing. It allows you to open multiple sites with one click, and offers a number of tools which make searching and analyzing the web more easy and more efficient. FineBrowser makes Internet surfing much more convenient by enabling you to:

* Simultaneously load multiple web pages with a single mouse click, for viewing in a single window.
* Conveniently navigate through open windows.
* Access favorite bookmarks instantly with the Quick Groups Manager
* Suspend and later resume any browsing session, remembering and reopening all currently open windows in the same order
* Block unwanted pop-up windows
* Clear all traces of your Internet browsing, stored automatically by Windows, from your computer
* Gather images automatically from pages you have visited
* Download images from specified sites. Search and download images using 7 image-searching engines.
* Streamline management of your bookmarks.
* View images from your hard drive, CDs, etc.
* Work with lists of bookmarks.
* Create, save, and retrieve personal comments about web pages you visit.
* Avoid repeat visits to any web page
* Use the online foreign language translation feature to easily translate any web page.
* Browse an entire domain effortlessly!
* Much more!


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Operating System(s): Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Size: 3.5 MB

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