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Games » Arcade | 1 | 26 Feb 2010 | Shareware | 1.70MB | Created by Dataware

Free Coloring Book 3: Animals Download

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Its time for Coloring Book 3: Animals, a delightful arcade game that is aimed at the little ones. Coloring Book 3: Animals is worth the download as it contains many cool animals such as a fox, duck, sea lion, squirrel, wolf, bat, bear and many more. Coloring Book 3: Animals is so cute and the colouring interface is a piece of cake to learn. Every child will enjoy creating pretty pictures with their favourite animals.

Coloring Book 3: Animals - Info

A third coloring book program. With this one, there are lots and lots of cute animals to color! It has the same easy to use interface as the previous coloring books which makes it easy to use even for young children. The 50 pictures included with the complete version are Alligator, Baboon, Bat, Bear, Bird, Bison, Bushbaby, Butterfly, Camel, Cat, Chicken, Chipmunk, Cow, Crab, Deer, Dog, Dolphin, Duck, Elephant, Fox, Frog, Giraffe, Goat, Grasshopper, Hedgehog, Hippopotamus, Horse, Kangaroo, Kiwi, Lemming, Lion, Mole, Mouse, Muskox, Ostrich, Owl, Penguin, Pig, Rabbit, Rhinoceros, Sand Dollar, Sea Horse, Sea Lion, Snail, Squirrel, Tiger, Turtle, Walrus, Weasel, and Wolf. Published by Dataware.


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