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With health and fitness being all the rage of late, a tool like BMI Calculator was inevitable. Very simple in nature, the application determines your body mass index based on your height and weight, and then provides you with very basic recommendations for any necessary improvements. Essentially, BMI is your weight in Kilograms divided by the square of your height in metres, with anything between 18 and 25 being regarded as normal. While this is hardly rocket science, BMI Calculator simplifies the process and makes tracking body mass index very simple. It is important to understand that BMI is a very rough guide, and doesn’t take into account other factors such as lean muscle mass, age and gender, an so isn’t a sure fireway to determine whether or not your weight is healthy. Still, it can be used as a rough guide, and anyone interested in monitoring and maintaining a healthy weight should definitely give BMI Calculator a try.

BMI Calculator - Info

Body Mass Index is a measure of your weight relative to your height. BMI for adults falls into one of these categories: normal, overweight, obese, or underweight. BMI Calculator lets you calculate your Body Mass Index without learning any math formulas. The program supports both English and Metric systems. Just enter your height and weight and BMI Calculator will display your BMI and recommendations on improving it.

If you fall into the BMI range of over 25 you are considered overweight and you are at high risk for health problems. It is important to calculate your BMI now and consult with your doctor if your BMI is over 25. Download BMI Calculator.


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