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FlasKMPEG is a versatile application for your Intel based computer. If you need to convert a DVD or VOB files [the raw file format of DVD's] to either MPEG or to an AVI file [compatible with most machines as it is a very common codec]. FlasKMPEG is an essential tool for anybody who wants to do more with their DVDs than just play them, i.e. you want to rip them for your own personal use as well.

FlasKMPEG Intel - Info

FlasKMPEG Intel is optimized for use with Intel machines. If you have an AMD machine please search for "FlasKMPEG AMD".

FlasKMPEG is a very useful video editing tool. It can be used to rip DVD's into DivX / MPEG or any other codec's you have installed. FlasKMPEG can also be used to split or join video files.


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