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Review by FileBEAST's Nameless_1:

Premium Clock is an excellent, in-depth clock application that allows you to spice up your PC desktop by adding several different types of clocks and wallpapers. The utility comes with an analog, digital and atomic clock, each of which can be skinned and customized to suit any individual’s tastes and then placed anywhere on the desktop. Premium Clock also allows users to further customize their desktop, removing unwanted clutter and adding some color with one of the many wallpapers or skins included with the package. With so many options for customization and extra features available, beginners may feel a little overwhelmed at first, but Premium Clock is generally very user friendly, and after some time most users should feel right at home. Overall, this is an excellent, in-depth desktop customization and clock utility that is well worth the download.

Premium Clock - Info

Premium Clock features an analog clock, a digital clock, a fully customized tray clock, a customized desktop, an atomic clock, an alarm scheduler, and a calendar.

Once you start using Premium Clock, you'll know exactly what time it is. Analog clock, digital clock and calendar can stay always on top or disappear when you move the mouse cursor over it. It allows you to set up alarms with messages, WAV files, run files and documents.

Premium Clock replaces the regular Windows system clock with custom format of your choosing. Upgrade the Windows system tray clock.

Premium Clock will reference an atomic clock server to get the current time with the greatest accuracy available and update your PCs information. It even can be set to automatically check the time once a day to keep your PC's time accurate forever.

With features too numerous to mention, you have to download Premium Clock now and give it a spin, free for 10 days!

Get on time and stay on time with Premium Clock, the ultimate time management utility!


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