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Free RTF to XHTML Converter Download

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Review by FileBEAST's DrNorris

RTF to XHTML Converter is useful for quick and nasty website content. Let’s say you have already have loads of content written in RTF [which word commonly uses] but you need it optimized for HTML. Then RTF to XHTML Converter will do the dirty work for you. Images and tables are supported so even complex Word documents will work in the RTF to XHTML Converter process.

RTF to XHTML Converter - Info

Convert multiple RTF and Text to HTML with CSS, XHTML or plain HTML 3.2. Program support: images, tables, colors, fonts, CSS, hyperlinks, italic, bold and underline text, subscript and superscript text, 20 types of encodings (UTF-8, Windows-1251, ISO-8859-2, Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic etc.)
The RTF to XHTML Converter has friendly and easy interface, you may adjust it and web-page will looks as you wish. The average speed of converting - 10 files/per second for 45 kb HTML.
RTF to XHTML Converter will help you to publish your documents in Internet. You may create RTF file in MS Word or PageMaker and then transfer into Web using our converter.


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