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Codex is an high-professional encryption tool.
Codex knows what to do; no need to specify code or decode.
One keystroke is enough to code or decode a whole folder.
Essential interface, maximum power.

The Codex scheme, if properly applied, is unbreakable.
It works over any kind of file.
It codes /decodes files and folders.
File-times remain unchanged; and so does the file extension.

Codex allows five kinds of password:
Password length ranges from 8 bytes to several millions bytes.
A password, besides chars, can be any file from your PC or from the Net.
A feature ('Auto' or F4) randomly selects a password.
No logs, key recovery, back-door, etc. etc.
Embedded eraser (standard behaviour) and on demand.

Status check on single files or folders.
Two levels Address Book Management.
Configuration page.
When the job is done Codex ends automatically.

This program is especially suited to managers, executives and all the people that believe in privacy and e-privacy.


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Operating System(s): Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Size: 1.7MB

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