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TweakAll is a cool collection of system tweaks for all of your systems and utilities. Download TweakAll today and begin to optimise your system one tweak at a time. TweakAll will free up clogged memory, create a faster internet connection, restore damaged icons and much more. If you have found that your Windows PC is running slower then usual, then it is time to grab this handy application and restore functionality once more.

TweakAll 3.0 - Info

TweakAll is a powerfull windows tweaking application. Just a few of its capabilities are, freeing up memory, optomising your internet connection and many more things that cannot be done in windows.

TweakAll has plugins that can be downloaded from the Creators site adding extra functionality to it.


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Operating System(s): 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT

Size: 1.68 MB

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