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PrintKey 2000 doesn’t try to be a jack of all trades, offering many features but excelling at none. No, instead this very small, modest tool sticks solely to the task of capturing onscreen contents and storing the files in one of a number of different image formats. While PrintKey 2000 may not be revolutionary, it does what it’s meant to without any hassle. In fact, this simple, no-nonsense approach goes a long way towards making this tool appealing. While it’s not going win any awards for innovation, PrintKey 2000 is still a very useful application for taking screen shots and comes with a high recommendation.

PrintKey 2000 - Info

PrintKey 2000 is a handy little program that can capture the contents of your screen.

PrintKey 2000 can capture the desktop or an active window, which the standerd Windows 'print screen' sometimes does not do. You can also select rectangular portions of the desktop which you want to capture.

It supports BMP, JPEG, JPG, EMF, WMF and can save the image as either of those extensions.


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