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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

There is always a niche market for turn-based strategy titles like Mars Soldiers 7. I'm certainly fond of this genre myself. Yet Mars Soldiers 7 is terrible. From the graphics which are from the 70's to the game play from the 80's, Mars Soldiers 7 is a horrible game. Every single unit in Mars Soldiers 7 looks the same, only with a different colour. Blue for good units and red/yellow/pink for everyone else. It is so very jarring to watch on screen.
Mars Soldiers 7 is frustratingly simple to complete as well. Every level can be completed the same way (build a mass of grunts and rush the fort) negating any strategy at all. I don't recommend this title at all.

Mars Soldiers-7 - Info

Main features of the game:

- 7 types of Heroes beside each sides (each Hero have the unique weapon and main, battle, resourcive and productive bonuses);
- 7 types of main bonus for each side;
- 7 types of battle bonus for each side;
- 7 types of adjutants (Hero’s soldiers) for each side (adjutants is created by the Hero and has the same weapon as his creator);
- 7 types of soldiers (and commander) for each side;
- 7 types of defensive buildings;
- 7 types of surprise.


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Operating System(s): Windows 98/2000/XP

Size: 30 MB

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