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Free Coloring Book 11: Trucks Download

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For an arcade game that any child will love, download the Coloring Book 11: Trucks application today. The Coloring Book 11: Trucks is easy to use and your child will truly enjoy colouring-in the many vehicles that are present in this software. The Coloring Book 11: Trucks is a small download, but one that will provide endless amusement for your little ones. Test out the Coloring Book 11: Trucks today and watch their faces light up with happiness. You may enjoy it as well!

Coloring Book 11: Trucks - Info

An 11th coloring book program filled with 50 pages of trucks and other vehicles. 50 pictures are included with the complete version: Ambulance, Auto Transporter, Backhoe, Bulldozer, Bullet Train, Bus, Car, Cement Truck, Charter Boat, Crane Truck, Cruise Ship, Dump Truck, Excavator, Farm Tractor, Fire Truck #1, Fire Truck #2, Forklift, Front Loader, Futuristic Vehicle, Garbage Truck, Gasoline Truck, Go-cart, Hovercraft, Jeep, Logging Truck, Lunar Rover, Mack Truck, Monster Truck #1, Monster truck #2, Motorcycle, Pickup Truck, Police Car #1, Police Car #2, Power Shovel, Race Car #1, Race Car #2, Row Boat, Sailboat, School Bus, Ship, Speed Boat, Sports Car, Steamroller, SUV, Taxi, Tow Truck, Train, Utility Truck, Van, and Wrecking Ball. Published by Dataware.


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