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Kids arcade games are usually pushed into one of two categories: simple but stupid or colourful and loud. The Coloring Book 12: Airplanes is thankfully both charming and loads of fun to play and will provide endless amusement for your kids. Use the Coloring Book 12: Airplanes today and start pushing your child into a creative atmosphere, whereby the can begin to colour in as many rocket ships, or airplanes as they want. The Coloring Book 12: Airplanes is a must download!

Coloring Book 12: Airplanes - Info

A 12th coloring book program filled with 50 pages of airplanes and other things that fly. The 50 pictures included with the complete version are two biplanes, two blimps, a cargo plane, four fantasy airships, three flying machines, two flying wings, a glider, three gyrocopters, a hang glider, four helicopters, four hot air balloons, five jets, two jet packs, a parachute, two passenger airplanes, a single engine airplane, two space rockets, two space shuttles, two stealths, two triplanes, a twin engine airplane, and three sci-fi spaceships. Published by Dataware.


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