Sticker Book 3: Animal Town Free Download & Review

Games » Arcade | 1 | 15 Apr 2010 | Shareware | 5.23MB | Created by Dataware

Free Sticker Book 3: Animal Town Download

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This is an outstanding arcade game for kids, namely the Sticker Book 3: Animal Town download. Grab the Sticker Book 3: Animal Town right now and enjoy loads of cute little animals that can be coloured in using the mouse or a pen controller. The Sticker Book 3: Animal Town has lions, elephants, tigers and so much more. Once the colouring-in is completed, use the application to save the drawing and get back to it at another time. This is what your child needs.

Sticker Book 3: Animal Town - Info

Animals come alive in Sticker Book 3: Animal Town! Kids can create scenes using hundreds of animal character stickers and place them on dozens of scenic backgrounds. Since the stickers are electronic, not paper, kids can use them over and over again within different scenes. Scenes include are a home, a school, a woodworking shop, a playground, a doctor's office, a fast food restaurant, a fire station, a police station, an airport, a health club, a hair stylist, a supermarket, a clothing store, an alterations shop, a bookstore, a candy store, a toy store, a flower shop, a museum, a restaurant, an outdoor theatre, an indoor theatre, a night club, and a movie theater. Animal characters include bears, cats, cows, dogs, ducks, elephants, foxes, frogs, giraffes, goats, hippopotamuses, kangaroos, lions, monkeys, mice, ostriches, owls, penguins, pigs, rabbits, rhinoceroses, sheep, squirrels, tigers, and walruses. Published by Dataware.


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