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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Liero took me by surprise. I'm a huge Worms fan. Huge. Liero is Worms in realtime. With only 2 worms battling it out. The gameplay still feels the same. Your worms slither across the battlefield in a pleasing manner and launch themselves into a crazy weapon-fuelled armageddon at the touch of a button. The Graphics are not the greatest in the world, but the gameplay is. It most certainly is.
There are countless clones of Liero, adding more weapons, battlefields and AI, but the original is the best. I hope they release a version for the PSP so I can play this on the road.

Liero - Info

No freeware game collection is complete without a copy of Liero. It is arguably the most popular freely available multiplayer death match game on the net.

The idea behind Liero is simple: kill your opponent before they can kill you. You do this with your arsenal weapons ranging from shot gun to nuclear bomb.

Liero is truly a classic freeware game and has been hailed as the father of tunnel death match games. Definitely worth the download.


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