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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Classic Pythagorean Puzzles is the type of game that will appeal to older, more patient gamers. There are no flashy visual effects or bright, colourful graphics here, but rather a sound, thought-provoking game of logic. The basic premise behind Classic Pythagorean Puzzles sees users sorting a fixed number of shapes to replicate a provided image. While it doesn’t sound hard, it can become exceptionally difficult at times, and as such requires a blend of skill and patience. The presentation is not particularly impressive, and overall the game looks and sounds rather bland. While this isn’t a major flaw, some extra effects would have gone a long way towards spicing things up a bit.

Classic Pythagorean Puzzles - Info

Classic games and challenging puzzles are fun for games lovers. Classic Pythagorean Puzzles is the best variation of tile-based antique Greek games offered by Pythagoras as an excellent brain trainer for abstract thinking. The objective of the game is to build various figures such as flowers, animals and other images which you can find out in real life. When you start new game you see a sample you need to replicate with the fixed set of tiles on the game board. The samples you replicate are being approximations of real objects, which are easily to recognize by shapes, proportions and structure. Classic Pythagorean Puzzles is harder than it looks and you can find out that. It also includes a built-in visual puzzle builder for creating your own games. The graphics are attractive and MIDI-based music with crisp digital sound effects add to the fun.


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