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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Rank Tracker scours all the major search engines and gives you the page rank based on your current popularity be it with Google or Yahoo. With SEO, it is best not to guess but to have accurate figures in order to measure how well you are doing. So with Rank Tracker, you can collect precise data and take steps from that point to improve and optimize your key word usage.

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You must track your search engine positions to verify that you have reached your SEO goals. If you don\'t measure, how do you expect to know what needs to be improved? Yeah, you can guess and hope you get it right, but if you have effective tracking SEO tool, then you simply have unbeatable facts in front of you.

With Rank Tracker SEO Tool, you can check major search engines for all your keywords at once. Moreover, Rank Tracker allows you to track the progress of your search engine rankings over time. And what is more, Rank Tracker is an absolutely Free SEO tool - so you don\'t have to pay a red dime for it!


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