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Guggi for Oracle is an excellent, multifaceted tool designed for developing and managing databases in Oracle. As one would expect from such an in-depth utility, Guggi for Oracle is not particularly user friendly and beginners will no doubt struggle getting to grips with the application. More experienced users, however, will appreciate the impressive depth and wide application of this database tool and should have no trouble navigating the menus and accessing the many different options and features available. Whether it is used for Database development and administration or for SQL programming or detailed data analysis, Guggi for Oracle is an excellent choice for experienced users. While it is not at all suited to learning the basics of database management, it remains a top class application with wealth of features and impressive functionality.

Guggi for Oracle - Info

Database Development, Administration, PL/SQL programming and data analysis tool for Oracle 8.0, 8i, 9i and 10g. Browse the database for 32 different types of objects such as table, view, synonym, constraints, function, index, trigger, sequence, schema, tablespace, procedure, package, materialized view, database link, type, rollback segment, directory, operator, library, queue, java (data, source, resource, class), context, consumer group, index type, job, profile, queue tables, policy, dimensions, summary, external tables; Tab through the properties of database objects; Several Developer and DBA features backup statistics, Lock Manager, Server Monitor, PL/SQL Profiler, PL/SQL trace, Security Manager, Analyze Manager, Invalid Objects Manager, Input/Output stats, Rollback Segment Manager, Sessions Manager, SQL Stats, Upload and download BLOB, Space manager and Develop PL/SQL code, database objects, tune code.


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