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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

This is more like it. Rally Cross tries so hard to be exciting, that it defeats itself and become a game so bad, that it is actually good! You control one of eight rally cars from a top down perspective, with the goal of beating the time or the other cars. The controls are slippery, but practical. The graphics are crude, but defined. The sound effects also have a meaty feel which fits in nicely with the overall package. Rally Cross will definitely appeal to the arcade racer in you. Plus you can build your own tracks with a very easy to use track editor.

Rally Cross - Info

Rally Cross is one of the many freeware games developed by Grey Oltwit.

In Rally Cross you have the choice of 5 different cars and two preset circuits with the ability to create as many of your own circuits with an easy to use circuit builder.

Game play of Rally Cross is relatively easy, just be careful of knocking into things, it tends to slow you down alot!

You may submit your high scores to an online table and if this game becomes popular in the future there is an option of downloading new cars too!

All in all Rally Cross is a good game, nice graphics and fun to play.


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