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For those who are constantly on their windows mobile phone, the SMS Exporter application is able to store their SMS' offline on their PC, becoming of a great boon to them. Now, it is finally possible to do so, without having to install a massive file off their internet or network. The SMS Exporter is the telephony application that you desire, and can be used in conjunction with existing VoIP application in order to create a backup of your most personal SMS. Download the SMS Exporter today and enjoy a backup of your SMS'.

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Microsoft left out an important feature in Windows Mobile: The ability to store text messages permanently. On the mobile phone, they are kept in a folderish structure, but there is no way to export that information to a file. SMS Exporter is here to change that. Store read / unread and or Sent / Received text messages to a file. Supported file formats are TXT and CSV Optional deletion of exported messages keeps the SMS folder on the phone manageable.


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