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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B:

Modem Spy works well. Maybe too well. Even though it has the word "Modem" in the title, Modem Spy works pretty well with DSL. It's as simple as running the application and starting a phone call. I tested this with Skype and another VOIP application and it recorded both phone calls in the same quality as the calls themselves. I did notice my PC becoming very laggy at the same time Modem Spy was running though. With a straightforward interface and excellent recording abilities, Modem Spy receives my seal of approval.

Modem Spy - Info

Modem spy is handy utility for telephone calls recording. Features: 1) record phone conversations. 2) microphone recorder. 3) WAVe files playback via telephone line. 4) Sound card playback of recorded mesages. 5) Record ALL incomming phone calls. 6) Has built-in software automatic gain control (AGC). 7) Detect and log Caller ID information. 8) Pop up caller ID info. 9) Super Spy mode will hide Modem Spy behaviour. Nobody will know that you are recording phone calls.


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