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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

Myself, I will never understand the mass popularity surrounding Go, but there are 50 Million people who would tell me I am wrong. GoKnot 2.0 is basically checkers, only fast paced and with many intricate rules.

It also supports online play with countless pre-loaded games for your analysis. If you love Go, download GoKnot 2.0 right now but if you even have a mild interest in board games, steer clear as GoKnot 2.0 is for the Go obsessive only.

GoKnot - Info

GoKnot is a complete Windows Go solution. Go (Japanese) is the oriental game aka Wei Qi (Chinese) and Baduk (Korean). GoKnot can be used for playing, both locally or on the Internet. It is also a tool for editing and analyzing games.

GoKnot as a playing tool:

* GnuGo 3.6 engine for playing included
* Analysis, best moves list, what if ..
* Hints during play
* It is modular and open. The engine can be replaced

GoKnot as a games/problems edition tool:

* Complete support of the SGF 4.0 standard
* Conversion of older SGF versions
* Edition of symbols, remarks, etc.
* Game trees edition capacities: extracting individual branches, merging, cropping trees, etc.
* Game maps!!
* Realistic boards with customizable board and stone bitmaps
* Splits game collections to multiple files
* Sketch gobans for testing on a copy
* Complete editable timing game records
* Easy annotation for SGF standards

GoKnot as an IGS client:

* Display hints while playing a game
* While playing you may ask \"what if\" questions
* While playing you may try variations on a sketch goban where the engine plays as your opponent
* Observing multiple IGS games in multiple boards
* You can observe up to 24 games simultaneously
* Storing the games with complete timing records
* Most of these features are not found in any other software

More features:

* Gobans can be floated, restored or resized by simple mouse clicks.
* GoKnot can be used as a debugger for developing GKE engines
* Board and stone textures can be created by the user

Install and uninstall:

* Friendly install and uninstall with support for updating previous versions
* Uninstall fully restores: erases any files installed and any registry keys created
* The program verifies its integrity making sure it is 100% virus free


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