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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B

Sword of Valor 3D Screensaver is simply a 3D screensaver depicting the notorious sword in a field throughout various times of day and night. The screensaver is breathtakingly beautiful, and will really please fans of stunning 3D images and vistas. Users with lower spec systems should be aware that Sword of Valor 3D Screensaver, like most 3D screensavers, can be a bit if a resource hog at times. Anyone in search f a beautiful 3D screensaver need look no further, as the notorious sword in its colourful, almost lifelike setting will bring a smile to the faces of even the hardest to please PC 3D enthusiasts.

Sword of Valor 3D Screensaver - Info

Out in the windy steppes of a distant foreign land amidst the tall lush grass you will find the glorious sword of valor tempered in the fire of many great battles. The fate of its owner, a mighty noble warrior, whom it helped to defeat many evil foes, is, alas, unknown. The black raven circling overhead can hardly be a good sign. His loyal forlorn horse is grazing on some fresh grass in the distance. As nighttime comes you see glimpses of the illustrious battles the legendary sword still remembers. Will you become the new owner of this great weapon forged for a true hero?


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