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Network Security Map is a highly specialized network security application that allows administrators to gain an overview of all network activity and security measures in place. To the average user, the program will seem daunting and incredibly complicated, but in the right hands, Network Security Map can provide a valuable insight into the current network activity and security situation. The map itself is generated in a high resolution, visual display giving a very nice overview of proceedings without obscuring the screen with confusing numbers and codes. Being a specialized application, Network Security Map is intended for use by experienced administrators in large network environments exclusively, and so remains rather limited in its general appeal. Still, this is one of the top network monitoring and security applications available, and performs as well, if not better than the other offerings in the genre.

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All in one chart displays the network security risks in association with specific protocols, the most up-to-date security technologies and protocols, and the product solutions such as AAA solutions, firewalls, IDS/IPS, VPNs, as well as Anti-Virus Anti-Spyware/Anti-Adware Anti-Spam/Anti-Phishing systems. All security problems, technologies and solutions are well illustrated in the OSI 7-layers model and TCP/IP 4 Layers model.


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