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AdventNet QEngine is an automated web testing tool that will allow you to perform multiple, in-depth tests on web-applications and servers. AventNet QEngine’s strengths lie in the vast array of features on offer, making this a highly functional web testing application. Designed to suit the needs of advanced programmers and web developers alike, this tool is certainly comprehensive, and tests ranging from stress to general performance and diagnostics can be carried out with relative ease. Additionally, AdventNet QEngine allows for multiple users at once and the tool can be used from a remote location, rounding of what is a comprehensive, professional application deserving of acclaim.

AdventNet QEngine - Info

AdventNet QEngine is a 100% web-based test automation tool for Web application functional testing, Web application performance testing, Web service functional testing and Web service performance testing of web applications and web services. All you need is just a browser to connect, from anywhere, to the QEngine server for the automated testing of your web applications developed using HTML, JSP, ASP, .NET, PHP, JavaScript/VBScript, e-commerce, etc., and web services that are bound with the SOAP/HTTP binding.


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Operating System(s): Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Linux

Size: 30 MB

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