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PhpMyAdmin is one of the most popular tools for mySQL database administration, and with all the useful features and sleek presentation, it isn’t hard to see why. The user interface follows a simple, logical layout making database operations very straightforward. It is not the prettiest interface in the world, with fonts being unnaturally large, but this is a minor inconvenience rather than a serious issue. Whether you need to create, copy, import or update your database, PhpMyAdmin makes the task a breeze. The tool does unfortunately come with some minor bugs which cause the odd crash, but again, this doesn’t really detract from the overall appeal of the utility. Experienced users will love PhpMyAdmin, with its impressive array of features and straightforward operation, and while beginners will find it daunting at first, there is a help function to make learning the ropes of mySQL database management a little easier. All round, an excellent, in-depth database application.

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PhpMyAdmin is probably the best database management tool for MySQL databases.

Used throughout the world by ISP's, hosting companies and many other IT related businesses to manage their databases, manage their database users and security and give a user friendly interface for their customers.

PhpMyAdmin will run on any web server that has PHP enabled on it (IIS/Apache etc), irrelevant of the platform that it is on (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows etc.)


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