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Many of us would like to use our email application to backup the hundreds of files that are left lying around on the company internet/network. With CoolMailDisk, you can finally download and upload files off your mail server. This excellent application looks exactly like the standard explorer screen, so you will have no problem learning the way that is needed in order for it to work. Use the same email you use at home that you use at the office to sync your work. The CoolMailDisk application is very easy to use and supports massive files. Try CoolMailDisk today!

CoolMailDisk - Info

Do you want use your email to backup files, photos, even movies ? Do you want your emailbox
has directory structure ? How do you send a big file which is larger than the attachment size of
your mailbox ? When you use CoolMailDisk, you can do all the works easily. You only do these with your CoolMailDisk just like a logic disk.

Key features of CoolMailDisk

(1) Makes your email have direcotry structrue. You can backup or share your files easily.
(2) Support all Explorer shortcut such as "Ctrl + C", "Ctrl + V". Drag and Drop is supported also.
(3) Has hash check of your emails, which makes your files more safe.
(4) Supports any mail server which offers POP & SMTP service. So you can increase your maikdisk space as you want by applicating another email.
(5) Supports BIG file. CoolMailDisk can split your big file before sending it to email and can combine it after downloading automaticly.
(6) It's green, install is no need after you copy it to your system. Even after your system crash, it could keep your email files. You can also choose the install verion of CoolMailDisk.
(7) All datas save in your email, so you can use the same email box home and office without any extra setting.
(8) Supports "Search", you can find your mail files easily and quickly.
(9) Password protected of your data in CoolMailDisk.


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Operating System(s): Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003

Size: 1.38MB

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