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Review by FileBEAST's Dr Norris:

I detest it when Light is changed to "lite". With that out the way, Millennia Calendar Lite is a superb addiction to the cannon of lunar calendars. Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, Islamic, Coptic and Indian lunar cycles are included in a package stuffed with moony cycles, moon dates, moon phases etc. In fact, Millennia Calendar Lite promises 7000 years of accurate lunar cycle prediction, barring a mad scientist blowing the moon out of the sky. Millennia Calendar Lite pleased me with it cool graphics and simple interface. This is a recommended download.

Millennia Calendar Lite - Info

Millennia Calendar Lite displays 6 calendars (Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, Islamic, Coptic, Indian), Julian Day and phases of the Moon for 7 thousand years.


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