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Review by FileBEAST's J.W.B

It is very difficult to fault an application like Windows Media Player 9. It doesn’t do anything special or noteworthy, but it can’t be classified as a terrible application either. No, instead if falls somewhere in between, giving solid performance while still missing some important features. The functions available include file backup and ripping media from CDs and DVDs, which can come in very useful. The playlist organizer, however, feels clumsy when compared to other media players and locating certain files can be quite a challenge at times. These things aside, Windows Media Player 9 will suit most average user’s media requirements, and the fact that it comes bundled free with Windows certainly counts in its favour.

Windows Media Player 9 - Info

Windows Media Player 9 is the latest release from Microsoft.

Windows Media Player 9 plays just about all audio and video formats with the usefull media library and visualisations.

Other features in Windows Media Player 9 include the option to backup your music cd's onto WMA with the CDDB library to dowload the track and album details to make it easier.


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