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Free BrowserObject PHP Premium Edition Download

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For programmers and developers who require the correct components and libraries files in order to detect web browsing capabilities, it is best that they download the BrowserObject PHP Premium Edition. The BrowserObject PHP Premium Edition is an excellent application that easily picks up on the type of browser any web user is using. It scans many details and sends this information to a text file. The BrowserObject PHP Premium Edition is easy to use for those who already have the PHP experience.

BrowserObject PHP Premium Edition - Info

BrowserObject PHP module is best for developers who need to detect client's browser capabilities and settings. Unlike other detection technologies, BrowserObject PHP is using server side detection to detect client's browser information. It provides detailed information such as Web Browser name, version, JavaScript, Plug-ins, screen resolution, IP address, cookies, language, client time and more in real-time to the Web server.


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Operating System(s): WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Unix, Linux

Size: 2001667B

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