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Games » Puzzle | 1 2 3 4 | 26 Feb 2010 | Shareware | 1.85 | Created by Silvia Regina Eschen

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Jigetiser ™ Africa 1 Package is a true puzzle game in every sense of the word, as it offers users the chance to build complete jigsaw puzzles on their PC. This isn’t simply a puzzle building tool however, and users can select a level and embark on a challenge in which the difficulty of the puzzles increases as you progress. The puzzles themselves in Jigetiser ™Africa 1 Package are images of beautifully rendered African landscapes and make the package worth downloading for their aesthetic value alone. Needless to say, anyone with a vague interest in jigsaw puzzle building will fall instantly in love with Jigetiser ™ Africa 1 Package.

Jigetiser tm Africa 1 Package - Info

The Jigetiser packages deliver professional computer jigsaw puzzles with marvelous motives for a fair price. The puzzles are emotional, intuitive, unconventional, exclusive, exceptional, artistical, educational and family-friendly. The Jigetiser puzzles are ideal for relaxing at the computer. They are highly addictive, completely nonviolent and appeal to every family member. As the difficulty level can be chosen, both parents and children can enjoy them - even the grandparents can't resist them. A Jigetiser jigsaw puzzle is very simple to use. It can be played with the mouse. You drag and drop with the left and can rotate the pieces with the right mouse key. A sizable preview window helps to get the pieces together. Menu and dialogs offer texts in English. To give beginners a chance to solve a puzzle and not to bore advanced people, we've defined five different levels: *Beginner* - Very simple, standard shape, ca. 24 pieces, preview; *Intermediate* - 50% deformed shape, ca. 54 pieces, preview; *Expert* - 100% deformed shape, ca. 104 pieces, preview; *Guru* - 100% deformed shape, random rotation, ca. 160 pieces, preview; *Maniac* - 100% deformed shape, random rotation, ca. 216 pieces, no preview. The first two levels are qualified for preschoolers. The puzzles themselves are organized in packages. Each package consists of 50 puzzles, based on 10 images - presented in 5 levels, named above. The packages are managed with a puzzle browser, you get with every installer. If you already installed a package all following package installations only add the package content to the existing browser. So, you keep your configuration and can continue to use the browser to select from existing and new packages. The browser allows to select from a list of installed packages. Puzzle images are presented as previews. Before you start a puzzle you can select a level.


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Size: 1.85

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