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HTTP Monitor acts in much the same way as a firewall, and aims to protect your PC from external threats on the internet. The program basically monitors all HTTP traffic on your PC, and requests your authorization before an unknown site can be accessed. While HTTP Monitor does perform its task sufficiently, users should be prepared for a barrage of site requests during the initial stages of operation. Fortunately, HTTP Monitor learns which sites you grant access and which are denied, so with time the application will adjust to your individual requirements and browsing habits. While there are no noticeable flaws or omissions, one can’t help shake the feeling that some of the more established firewall applications available are better suited to secure an internet connection. Having said that, as an HTTP traffic monitor this program is more than adequate.

HTTP Monitor - Info

Control each outgoing HTTP request from your computer and download only necessary Internet resources. Avoid converting your own Internet traffic into income for someone else.

* Works with all popular web browsers as well as blocks built-in ads inherent in many popular adware programs (ICQ, eDonkey, etc.).

* Dynamically detects and creates rules for all used programs, web browsers and visited web sites.

* Blocks tracing counters, image, flash, html and text ads/banners and speeds up the downloading of web pages.

* Comes with preconfigured rules for blocking most popular ads/banners and advertising networks.

* Provides complete log of all visited web sites and used Internet programs.


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