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Download ASPtoEXE Professional today if you are searching for a professional application that can easily take your ASP projects and compile them into an EXE (suitable for any PC). ASPtoEXE Professional is easy to use and will compile all the files you need into one EXE. Programmers and developers should download ASPtoEXE Professional today. Normally, the ASP file must run on an IIS server, and this is a pain to do in the testing phases. This is where an appliction such as this comes in very handy indeed.

ASPtoEXE Professional - Info

ASPtoExe is the tools which can compile asp project into exe file.
The compiled exe file is an application program of window, which can run without IIS.
Normally, the asp code can run on web server, but it can't run independently, and you must provide asp source code to your customer. With this software, you can compile asp code into exe or dll file, the compiled exe file can run as windows application.

Steps for compile asp into exe:
1. Import your asp project : you just select the folder which is your asp code location.
2. Mark database files : because the database(as *.mdb ) must be loaded by system. Other file which may be modifyed should not be compiled into dll file.
3. Compile the project : This step will compile asp files , html files etc into exe and dll files. Other marked files in step 2 will be copied into your exported folder.
4. Test the exe file : Run the compiled exe file for test the result.

SDK for use the exported dll.
The exported exe file can run as windows application, and you can release it as your product.
If you wish, You can use program language( like VB, C++, C# ) to develop the dll with our SDK. The exported dll file has some API to load.

Limited for try.
You can use this software no any time limited.
The trial version will include our advertising information in your compiled exe file, The registered version will remove it.


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Operating System(s): Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista Starter

Size: 3.93MB

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