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Add a dictionary to your Palm OS and keep a mobile library in the palm of your hand. The DictionaryToGo for Palm contains over 150, 00 words. This is a very simple application to use. Simply enter the word into the dictionary search bar and press ‘go’. Your word will then appear with the perfect explanation. DictionaryToGo for Palm will even download updates whenever newer definitions are available. Get DictionaryToGo for Palm if you are always on the go and you require literal explanations from you cell phone.

DictionaryToGo for Palm - Info

DictionsaryToGo is a very usefull dictionary containing more than 150,000 words.

Just type in the word you are looking for and it will display the best results.

The dictionary supports the Clipboard function of your handheld and lets you look up definitions of words found in other applications. Just copy any word to the clipboard and paste it in the dictionary's search box.

*Expires after 40 uses.


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